Why Does Permanent Outdoor Lighting Need Maintenance?

5 Reasons Your Kansas City Exterior Lighting Systems Require Regular Maintenance

There are several reasons why your Midwest outdoor lighting system needs regular maintenance. Today we will look at five of those reasons. Without further ado, here are the top reasons why the technicians at Natural Accents Lighting believe you need to schedule your bi-annual maintenance for your Kansas City commercial or residential outdoor lights today.

An outdoor lighting transformer has an unwelcomed guest

#1 – Unwelcome Guests Removed

Transformers are warm. Since the majority of transformers for landscape lighting are outdoors, this constant temperature draws many unwanted guests, from snakes and rodents to insects. During your bi-annual lighting maintenance, the Natural Accents Lighting technicians will remove wasps nests, and any other creatures from your light fixtures and transformers that hinder the proper performance of your lighting system.

Wasp nest inside a light transformer

#2 – Repair Damaged Wires

Squirrels and rabbits love to chew on electrical wires. Even when electrical wires are protected, determined urban wildlife will eventually reach the “delicious” prize. Outdoor lighting fixtures and wires can also be damaged by landscapers, aerators, or lawn care workers.

Whatever the cause, these damaged wires are a safety hazard and cause system shorts or failures. During your regular lighting maintenance, Natural Accents Lighting techs will check for cut and damaged wires. If found, the damaged wire will be repaired or replaced.

Tree downlight wire and wire protector chewed on by squirrels

#3 – Swapping Warranty-Covered Fixtures Products

Natural Accents Outdoor Lighting Design & Installation uses only commercial-grade fixtures and products that carry warranties from 3-10 years. Bi-annual maintenance of your outdoor lighting system guarantees that if any warranted item is no longer functioning as it should, then it will be quickly replaced while under warranty. The techs at Natural Accents also follow up with clients that are drawing close to the end of their warranty to make sure our clients gain the benefit of all warrantied items so that your systems last for decades.

Deck lighting wire damaged by squirrels

#4 – Timers Adjusted to Match Daylight Hours

As the seasons change, outdoor lighting timers should be adjusted to turn on earlier or later in the day. For outdoor lighting that is used to enhance security, ensuring your lights turn on and off at the proper time is important. Our techs will verify your timer is set correctly for the time of year and your lighting purposes.

Kansas City home with outdoor lighting adjusted for daylight savings time

#5 – Lighting Fixtures Looking as Good as New

During your bi-annual maintenance, your lighting fixtures and transformers will be cleaned of leaves, dust, and debris. Not only will your fixtures look as good as new in daylight after this cleaning, but your lights will also shine brighter at night. We also check that your fixtures are straight and tight on their stakes or for tree boxes the wires are adjusted to allow for proper tree health and growth.

After fixture cleaning

Schedule Your Outdoor Lighting Maintenance Today!

Above are the five reasons the professionals at Natural Accents Lighting believe you should schedule your next maintenance soon. We want our clients to enjoy their lighting systems for decades. That is why we believe you should schedule your next maintenance today if it has been more than 12 months since your last maintenance.

When you’re ready to schedule your lighting maintenance, our veteran-owned team is a text or call away. Have an older lighting system? Our team can retrofit it — bringing your landscape lighting up to date and performing at its best!

Before fixture cleaning

The fully-insured lighting professionals at Natural Accents Outdoor Lighting Design & Installation are dedicated to superior customer service and are passionate about creating scenes ready for the pages of a home or garden magazine. Schedule your outdoor lighting consultation today! If you found these tips helpful, we would love to hear from you in the comments below.