The 7 Details That Set Natural Accents Lighting Apart

Details Make The Difference

Why Should You Hire Natural Accents to Install & Maintain Your Outdoor Lighting System?

For 20 years the installation technicians at Natural Accents Outdoor Lighting Design & Installation have taken pride in our attention to detail. We treat our clients’ homes as our own. The team at Natural Accents takes the time to install your system the right way, saving our clients money and time on repairs.

Commercial-Grade Wire Connector Water-Proofed (left), Brass Connector Ready to be Water-Proofed (middle) vs. Wing Nuts (right)

These 7 things set our team apart from our Kansas City competitors:

We Use Commercial-Grade Water-Proof Connectors

You may never see a wire connector when admiring your lit-up landscape, but wire connectors are an important detail in all electrical projects. One of the most common wire connectors used in the Midwest is twist-on or wing nut connectors. However, wing nuts are not approved for outdoor use, even if wrapped in electrical tape.

Unfortunately, for many Kansas City property owners with outdoor lighting systems, wing nuts are used for their outdoor lighting systems. This means that each connection is susceptible to moisture and water getting into the system. It also means that if one connection goes bad it can take down multiple fixtures or even the whole lighting system.

Award-winning water feature lighting design by Natural Accents Outdoor Lighting

The installation team at Natural Accent Outdoor Lighting only uses brass wire connectors that are then water-proofed with shrink wrap for our clients. These commercial-grade set screw connectors ensure your lighting systems are protected from water and moisture. When an outdoor lighting system is properly protected from moisture the system will last for years to come!

We Have Certified Outdoor Lighting Designers

You may wonder why you need a lighting designer when you already have a landscaper or an architect. The simplest answer is that lighting isn’t their specialty. While these professionals have advice regarding how your architectural or landscape lighting should appear once installed and adjusted, but how do you get a collection of lighting fixtures and wires to the finished result is the tricky part.

Outdoor art details enhanced with landscape lighting

This “tricky part” is why a lighting designer who also installs lighting systems is needed. To properly highlight and enhance your natural or man-made building or landscape features multiple lights are needed. Details come to life with the proper placement of fixtures combined with the aim, color, and intensity of their light beams.

The lighting design team at Natural Accents is happy to partner with other professionals to bring the full beauty of your home and garden to life. If you are in need of an outdoor lighting design or installation, we appreciate your consideration. Light is all we do, and it is our passion!

Kansas City home and outdoor living area decorated with patriotic red, white, & blue

Light is Our Passion

“…the only way to do great work is to love what you do.” – Steve Jobs

Natural Accents was built on a passion for lighting design. For over 20 years we have strived to bring beauty to this functional piece of outdoor life. While outdoor lighting should conform to the functionality needed by humans to work and live in the dark, we believe that lives are improved when outdoor lighting harmonizes and amplifies the beauty around us.

Tech preparing a ladder for a tree lightbox wire modification during a night adjustment

We Make Sure Your Color Temp Matches

Have you tried to use a saved can of paint for a touch-up only to realize it is not the same paint as what was used in the first place? Better to repaint the whole wall than to have six inches of mismatched paint, right? For us at Natural Accents, that gross feeling of mismatched paint is how we feel every time we see a home or business with mismatching color temperatures on their lighting system.

When we install and maintain your outdoor lighting system, we make sure that if you have a 2700K color light (warm) on one side of your property, you will have 2700K on the other side and in the back, not 3,700K (cool). We make sure when the sun sets your property appears to its best advantage. That means people admire your home, business, or landscape in the dark, not squint at an improperly aimed light, or try to figure you what looks off about your property.

Matching color temperature across the whole home

We Provide AS Build Drawings

At Natural Accents Lighting we know that we aren’t the only ones working on your property. To help your landscaper, aerator, and maintenance crews, we are happy to provide all our clients with an AS Build or record drawings once your lighting system is installed. While you may not be familiar with the value of having an As Build on file, these handy drawings provide detailed information regarding the placement of fixtures, wires, and other lighting system items on your property.

AS Builds provide a written record to any future architects, designers, or contractors working on your property showing all changes made from the original blueprint design. We all know life happens. An AS Build is how any changes or adjustments during an lighting installation are recorded for future reference.

White outdoor lighting fixtures being tested for installation illuminating As Built

We Use Downlights

Most landscaping companies that also install lighting systems only use uplights. At Natural Accents Outdoor Lighting, since lighting is all we do, we use a variety of lighting fixtures including uplights, downlights, path lighting, and specialty and feature lights. To see the benefits of using a variety of lights for your home, check our lighting feature portfolio.

Downlights used to enhance architectural feature on a Kansas City home

We Are Fully Insured

Homeowners should be wary of hiring businesses without proper insurance to work in their homes or on their property. Not only does this lack of coverage reflect poorly on the business, but it also puts the homeowner liable for any medical bills or lost wages due to accidents that might happen on your property. For our clients’ protection and to treat our employees right, Natural Accents is fully-insured.

Steer clear of a business that is not open and up-front about if they are properly insured or not. When looking to trim expenses from a home improvement project, this is not a corner that should be cut. Protect yourself and your family and hire a fully insured company.

Natural Accents techs installing a lighting system

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