5 Tips to Select the Right Outdoor Lighting for Your Property:

Your Midwest Home Deserves a Commercial-Grade Outdoor Lighting System!

Kansas City residence with a professional outdoor lighting system from Natural Accents

As the sun sets earlier and earlier this fall, perhaps you have seen a beautiful home emerging from the darkness during your commute home. What if your home looked so elegant and inviting?

On the other hand, have you arrived early at a commercial business to sit in a dark parking lot waiting for the business to open? Wouldn’t it have been so much better if you could have arrived at an illuminated building and property while you waited? Proper outdoor lighting allows customers to safely interact on your property, draws awareness to your business, and decreases criminal activity.

Midwest residence at dusk with architectural lighting from Natural Accents

When you’re ready to invest in your home or business where do you start? Doing a quick search on Google, most major metropolitan areas have dozens if not hundreds of options from DIY videos for big box store systems to luxury color-changing, zone-dimming smart-home or app-controlled lighting systems. So where can you turn to be sure you’re getting the best for your property?

Natural Accents Outdoor Lighting Design & Installation has been serving Kansas City homes and businesses for over 20 years! We are the most awarded outdoor lighting company in Kansas City. Our lighting experts have 5 tips to help you choose an outdoor system that will last for decades to come:

Tip #1 – You Get What You Pay For

Commercial-grade outdoor lighting fixtures being tested before installation

Midwest summers are hot and humid and our winters are icy and frigid. Remember a few years ago when Kansas City was colder than the North Pole? These extremes combined with our fast-changing weather (nothing so fun as needing your heater in the morning, and your AC by the afternoon) are rough on outdoor lighting systems.

If you want a lighting system that will last, you need one that will be able to endure Midwest weather. That is why a big box store lighting system will not last for your Kansas City home. Standard lighting systems are mass-produced with lower-quality parts.

Outdoor Lighting adds value, beauty, and safety to your home

On the other hand, commercial-grade lighting must meet a standard set of requirements, but they can be even better than the minimum. Commercial-grade lighting is designed for constant use and longer lamp lives. They have sturdier construction made to endure more wear and tear.

At Natural Accents, we recommend the industry-leading commercial-grade FXLuminaire Luxor outdoor lighting systems. These high-quality fixtures have a three-part heat management system to cool the LED board, increasing the lamps’ longevity. FXLuminaire offers both architectural and landscape lighting options with cutting-edge LED technology.

FXLuminaire Luxor color-changing lighting system installed by Natural Accents for a KC property

Luxor technology allows you to control your lighting system with a touch using their app on your mobile device. Smart home system integration is another other option to control Luxor if you prefer. Either way, Luxor provides an expansive range of options including zoning, dimming, beam angle, and color temperature.

Tip #2 – Use a Licensed Electrician for Your Installation

Water and electricity don’t play well together. Nothing damages outdoor lighting like moisture. To ensure your landscape lighting is properly installed and protected from moisture and water for years to come, hire a licensed electrician.

A Natural Accents licensed technician installs outdoor lighting fixture

A local electrician knows the ordinances and electrical codes that your property needs to follow. They will safely install your outdoor lighting so that it is free from shorts or fire hazards. When you hire a local electrician who is also a lighting professional, you will benefit from working with an expert who understands your landscape lighting needs and lighting design with the skills necessary to install your system right the first time.

The technicians at Natural Accents are licensed and fully insured. We use equipment with 10-year factory warranties and take the time to safely install your outdoor lighting so you enjoy a trouble-free system for years to come. Plus, we are insured so you don’t have to worry about accidents that might happen while our techs are on your property.

Natural Accents techs install an outdoor downlight fixture

Tip #3 – Check the Warranty

It may seem as simple as checking for a warranty on your new outdoor lighting system, but not all warranties cover the same thing. How easy is it to schedule a warranty replacement? If you have to jump through hoops to replace your fixture, is the warranty as good as it first sounds?

Make sure you understand what is covered and how to initiate a warranty replacement. Then consider these pros and cons when selecting your outdoor lighting products and installer. A little extra upfront may save you hundreds or even thousands down the road.

Humble plants become works of art with proper lighting by the Natural Accents lighting design team

Natural Accents uses fixtures with a 10-year manufacturer warranty and LED bulbs with a 5-year warranty. Our team will remind you when your warranty is close to expiring so that any faulty bulbs or fixtures can be swapped out before your warranty expires! Plus we offer regular maintenance to make sure your lights are working as they should and your system is at peak efficiency.

Tip #4 – Designers Make the Difference

Quality landscape lighting should last for decades. If you are going to be looking at (and hopefully enjoying) your outdoor lights for 20 years or more, isn’t it worth the investment of an expert lighting designer? At the very least, shouldn’t you take the time to consult with a lighting designer to see if and how they would bring your vision to life?

Outdoor Living Space lit for evening use by Natural Accents

A professional lighting designer is not just going to pick the “right” fixture for the “right” area of your home or lawn. First, they can determine the appropriate amount and type of lights needed. Expert designers know how to place your lighting fixtures and properly angle and/or shroud them to end up with a scene ready for a magazine spread.

The Natural Accents design team provides free consultations (valued at $150) for residential and commercial properties in the Kansas City area. We are the most awarded outdoor lighting company in KC and just celebrated our 20th anniversary! Whether you want to start small or light your entire property, our expert designers have the skill and knowledge to bring your home to life!

Outdoor Lighting adds value, beauty, and safety to your home

We will light your patio to keep the BBQ going after dark, your walkway to enhance safety to and from your entryway, or your fountain to bring beauty to the night. Natural Accents’ design team will enhance your architectural and landscape features in ways that make your home the envy of all your friends and neighbors. Call 816-407-1300 today to schedule your outdoor lighting design consultation.

Tip #5 – Regular Maintenance

As will everything around your home, regular cleaning, and maintenance ensure that your appliances and home run as they should for your family when you need them the most. Outdoor lighting systems are no exception. Will the team that is installing your system also be available for maintenance and any repairs that might pop up over time?

Night lighting adjustments on a tree box by Natural Accents techs

Tree boxes need to be adjusted so as not to damage growing trees. If a landscaper kicks a fixture will they adjust the light to what it was before? Who will update your timer so that your lights come on when the days get shorter but don’t waste electricity coming on during the longer days of summer?

The team at Natural Accents not only designs and installs outdoor lighting systems but also performs maintenance on systems whether we installed them or not. We want you to enjoy your home and property for many years, which is why we offer fair maintenance and repair pricing. We even work late to check your lights and make adjustments after dark.

Outdoor Lighting adds value, beauty, and safety to your business

Ready to Design Your Residential or Commercial Lighting?

Are you ready to get started with the design of your new outdoor lighting system? Have questions about your current system? Are you looking to expand your present landscape lighting? Our veteran-owned team is a text or call away.

The fully-insured technicians at Natural Accents are dedicated to superior customer service and are passionate about creating scenes ready for the pages of a home or garden magazine. Schedule your free outdoor lighting consultation today! If you found these tips helpful, we would love to hear from you in the comments below.