Four Reasons To Ditch Temporary Holiday Lighting:

Revel In Your Permanent Holiday Lighting Upgrade!

Each year as Midwestern days grow shorter, if not always cooler and wetter, homes begin to shine and sparkle in the dark with holiday decorations. Are you part of those that decorate because you enjoy the beauty of holiday lights? Perhaps you don’t want to be seen as the neighborhood Scrooge, so you squeeze in the time to put up twinkle lights.

Do you set aside a few hours or maybe a full weekend to set up your outdoor decorations? How long do you spend untangling wires or looking for your timer or extension cord that you used last year? Don’t you love climbing up to your roof line just in time for the weather to turn icy and frigid?

Blue Hanukkah Lighting Theme

What if instead with the press of a button your home was beautifully decorated? Sounds great, right? That is why you need to ditch temporary holiday lighting, and hire the experts at Natural Accents Outdoor Lighting Design & Installation to custom design and install your new permanent holiday lighting system!

If you need some added incentive to give us a text or call, consider these four (4) reasons to upgrade to permanent holiday lighting:

Red and Green Christmas Lighting Theme

1) Never Get On A Ladder Again!

Stop enduring the dangers of hanging temporary holiday lighting. No need to climb ladders that creak or get slippery during foul Kansas City weather. (Doesn’t the wind always pick up and start spitting icy rain in the middle of decorating your home for the holidays?) Even worse is when you have to brave the up and down of the ladder multiple times because you forgot your lighting clips or other supplies.

In addition to the ladder work needed to install your lights, you then get to enjoy taking down your lighting decorations in the middle of a Midwest winter. What fun! Instead, the professionals at Natural Accents Lighting will efficiently and expertly install your permanent lighting system so you never have to climb a ladder again to join in the holiday fun.

Red #ChiefsKingdom Lighting Theme

2) Save Money on Yearly Fees

Perhaps you hire a crew to install your seasonal twinkle lights. You already don’t have to worry about climbing ladders to install or uninstall your holiday décor. That does mean you are sending money down the drain each year on installation fees.

Along with the yearly cost to install your temporary holiday lights, you then get to pay for the pleasure of having your lights taken down. Do you store your lights in the off-season or pay additional fees for storage? Either option isn’t ideal, when with a quick call you can schedule a custom design lighting consultation with Natural Accents Outdoor Lighting veteran-lead design team.

Red, White, & Blue Patriotic Lighting Theme

3) Enjoy Landscape and Outdoor Home Lighting All Year Long

Permanent color-changing lights installed by Natural Accents techs start with a lovely standard white. You then can enjoy setting up to 40 themes and picking a variety of colors from our vast array of 30,000 colors. This variety adds beauty to your home every night, not just during the holiday season.

This consistent lighting adds safety for those young and old who move about your property or outdoor living spaces in the dark. Safely noting the path to and from your driveway or other outdoor living areas minimizes the risk of trips or falls. In addition to lighting the way, a custom landscape lighting system allows you to increase the time you may enjoy your outdoor kitchen, firepit, tree house, bench, reading nook, pool, or outdoor fireplace.

Standard White “Every Day” Lighting Theme

When you increase the time enjoying your outdoor living space, you don’t have to stop the party when the sun sets. Instead, with zoning, your guests will focus on the landscape feature you wish to highlight, and still move about safely. You also gain the added benefit of setting the tone for your event with your color-changing permanent lighting enhancing the festive mood.

4) What’s Your Holiday?

Whether you celebrate one or all of the many year-end holidays (Halloween, Diwali, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, Boxing Day, Kwanzaa, New Years, and Game Day), a color-changing Luxor system will help your family join in the festivities quickly and easily. Showcase your patriotic side on the 4th or team pride on Game Day with a few clicks on the Luxor app. Make Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day extra special with a custom theme using the favorite colors of your loved one!

Our technicians are friendly and patient as they guide you through your new lighting system settings. They are a quick call away if you need a refresher as you switch themes later. Plus, our regular maintenance will keep your system running at peak efficiency and vibrancy!

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Ready to save time and money? Then contact the pros at Natural Accents Lighting to relieve your holiday lighting aggravation to enjoy year-round outdoor lighting! Our veteran-owned team is a text or call away.

Natural Accents is the most awarded outdoor lighting company in the Kansas City area for a reason. Lighting is all we do and we do it with a passion. For us, light is art!

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