When Should You Call Your Landscape Lighting Company?

6 Times to Contact Your Landscape Lighting Contractor

Do you love how your landscape lighting adds value, beauty, safety, and security to your home? Then there are six (6) times you need to call your outdoor lighting company. A quick call, text, or email will save you aggravation and money, plus make sure you enjoy your lighting system for years to come!

Landscape improvement adding curb appeal

1. Landscape Improvements and Changes

Planning on an outdoor kitchen addition, planting a new tree, or a new patio improvement project? Perhaps your next landscaping project is a smaller change. Whether big or small, any time you make changes to your landscape your outdoor lighting company will need to be informed.

If need be, Natural Accents Outdoor Lighting will uninstall your landscape lighting fixtures before your landscape improvement. This will keep your fixtures from being damaged during construction and wires being cut. Our technicians will then reinstall your fixtures once your improvement is completed.

Home addition

2. Before a Home Addition

Whenever you plan to have construction crews around and/or in your home, you will need to call your landscape lighting company. The techs at Natural Accents Lighting will confirm which lighting fixtures need be removed temporarily or permanently to make way for your new addition. As lighting fixtures can be broken and wires damaged over the course of a construction project, it is less expensive and faster to have lighting fixtures temporarily removed, stored, and then reinstalled vs. having your lighting system repaired after damaged by a construction crew.

Dying tree with a damaged limb before it is removed

3. Tree Removal

Trees play a large part in the ecosystem they live in. So when a tree dies, before it is removed it is important to contact your outdoor lighting contractor. The tree may have landscape lights installed in or around it that need to be removed before the tree is or the stump ground.

Since well maintained tree lights and fixtures can be removed and reinstalled, a landscape lighting appointment before arborists work on your tree is imperative. The heavy equipment used to remove trees can easily break in-ground lighting fixtures or damage tree boxes. The Natural Accents lighting pros will quickly remove your fixtures and schedule a convenient time to discuss your fixture reinstallation.

Tree box and landscape lighting fixtures damaged

Depending on your future landscape plans, your fixtures could be reinstalled in a new tree or accent other features. Since we design and install landscape lighting systems, our team will work with you to create a beautiful new view. Once you approve the new lighting design, our team with schedule an installation time so that your family can once again enjoy all your outdoor living spaces!

4. Planning Home Improvements

While many home improvements won’t affect your outdoor lighting systems, several can. The detailed As Builts kept by Natural Accents Outdoor Lighting technicians can assist other contractors working on your property. A quick call can verify you have the most recent As Built for your property, plus verify if your planned improvement affects your lighting system.

Outdoor Living Space Addition

5. Pouring Concrete or the Installation of Stone Paths or Driveways

Outdoor accent lights often lie near the edge of concrete patios, driveways, or walkways. Of course, by their very nature path lights run the perimeter of sidewalk or garden paths. This means that whenever work is done to repair or replace driveways and paths, the landscape lighting needs to be moved first.

Natural Accents Lighting technicians will quickly uninstall bollards, path lights, or landscape fixtures that are near the construction site. This will keep the fixtures from being damaged or wires cut by working contractors. It will also keep transformers organized properly for optimal power usage and zoning controls.

New walkway in the early stages of being installed

6. Adding Garden Fountains or Landscape Water Features

One other time you should call your lighting contractor is when you add or replace a fountain or water feature. Special lighting fixtures are needed to safely illuminate outdoor water features. The technicians at Natural Accents Outdoor Lighting are trained and experienced with the correct way to install and maintain water feature lighting.

When you call the veteran-run team at Natural Accents Outdoor Lighting, we will custom design a lighting design that will enhance your water feature to its best advantage. Our technicians will properly place the correct amount of lights for your feature, without over lighting it. Due to the special nature of water feature fixtures, it is imperative to contact your outdoor lighting company before a fountain is replaced.

Front garden fountain

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