Practical Advantages of LED Landscape Lighting

Benefits of Retrofitting Halogen Outdoor Lights to LED

The LED outdoor lighting experts at Natural Accents Outdoor Lighting Design & Installation in Liberty, MO, are working to assist property owners in the greater Kansas City metro area with transitioning halogen landscape or outdoor lighting during the halogen phase out. Our technicians are able to retrofit current halogen landscape lighting to efficient LED lights. To ensure you are confident in your early transition to LED, we have compiled a list of the top reasons LED is the future of outdoor lighting!

FX Luminaire LED Landscape Lights

6 Reasons LED Landscape Lighting is Better than Halogen Lights







Now lets look at each of these reasons a bit closer:

1) LESS VOLTAGE USED: Depending on the halogen light, LEDs use around 80% less voltage. Most halogen lights need somewhere between 10 to 80 watts to run. LED fixtures use an average of 10 watts to run, but the FX Luminaire LED light fixtures that Natural Accents uses and recommends run on closer to 2 to 5 watts.

Natural Accents Outdoor Lighting customer enjoying their outdoor fireplace lit by LED architectural and landscape lights
Natural Accents Outdoor Lighting customer enjoying their outdoor fireplace lit by LED architectural and landscape lights

2) LOWER ENERGY COSTS: With less voltage used to run each LED light, property and home owners can enjoy the same number of LED lights as they had halogen, but at a lower electric use. This lower electric use translates into a lower monthly electrical bill. Who wouldn’t like to see their monthly expenses go down?

3) CONSISTENT LIGHTING LEVEL: Halogen lights burn out. At the end of their life they no longer emit any light. LED lamps on the other hand dim as they near the end of their life span. This allows owners or property managers to still enjoy proper illumination, instead of a glaring void of light when a halogen lamp burned out.

Outdoor pool seating area glows with LED outdoor lighting

4) LONGER LAMP LIFE: With professional installation and maintenance, LED lamps allow for thousands of hours of illumination before reaching the end of their life. This longer life means you won’t have to replace lamps frequently; another savings opportunity!

5) LESS HEAT: Halogen lights quickly heat up and become a burn hazard to anyone that might accidently touch them. LED lights on the other hand, heat up, but not as hot. Also the FX Luminaire lighting fixtures that Natural Accents Outdoor Lighting recommends have temperature sensors designed to cool fixtures as they run.

Outdoor seating area in Kansas City home garden illuminated by LED lights

6) FIXTURE LIFE LENGTH – Since FX LEDs cool fixtures down as they run, the lighting fixture lifespan itself is extended. Homeowners and property managers enjoy saving on the frequency of lighting fixture replacement since there is the a larger amount of time as well as fixture expense associated with a fixture replacement than just a lamp replacement.

Natural Accents Outdoor Lighting recommends and trusts FX Luminaire LED lights and lighting systems. For quality lighting systems that stand the test of Midwest summers and winters, we recommend FX Luminaire. As FX Luminaire leads the lighting industry for highly efficient and high quality architectural and landscape lighting, using them to retrofit your old outdoor halogen lighting system is a easy decision to make the switch to LED.

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Be prepared for the halogen lighting phase-out when you contact the retrofitting experts at Natural Accents Lighting! Our woman-veteran owned team is a text or call away at 816-407-1300 or you can book your retrofit appointment here. The new year is the perfect time to schedule your halogen lighting retrofit so you are ready for all the outdoor fun that spring and summer bring!

Natural Accents Lighting is the most awarded outdoor lighting company in the Kansas City area for a reason. Lighting is all we do and we do it with a passion. For us, light is art!