Goodbye Halogen Lighting!

What You Need to Know About the Halogen Lighting Phase-Out

Beautiful Outdoor LED Wash lights highlight a retaining stone wall

As 2022 draws to a close, the countdown to 2023 begins. For property owners in the United States with outdoor halogen lights this means they will need to start looking to replace or retrofit their lighting systems. While many landscape companies offer lighting replacement services for your outdoor lighting system, the lighting experts at Natural Accents Outdoor Lighting are able to retrofit your current halogen system to new lighting standards saving you money and time.

DOE General Service Lamps Enforcement Transition Stages –

You may wonder why you need to retrofit your system now as halogen light bulbs will still be available for purchase. While it is true that you can continue to purchase halogen bulbs as a consumer in 2023, these products are no longer be manufactured. That means as supplies run low, your “less expensive” landscape lighting option will be harder to find and probably increase in price as well.

Distributers and retailers start receiving warning notices in January 2023 for the sale of these products. Full penalties begin in July 2023, with partial penalties being given before then to sellers. For now, consumers will be able to use the halogen lights they already are using and ones purchased in 2023.

Snow covered Kansas City residence lit with LED outdoor lighting installed by Natural Accents Outdoor Lighting

Wondering why you need to retrofit your system now since you can continue to use the working halogen light bulbs you have? One benefit of retrofitting your outdoor lighting now is that you will begin enjoying the savings of using LED lighting sooner. LED bulbs tend to be more expensive up front, their longer life and lower cost to run save you in the long term.

Another benefit of retrofitting your system now, is that you will miss the rush to replace or retrofit your halogen system when the consumer grace period ends. Then demand for LED landscape lights and LED outdoor lighting systems will lead to an increase in price as well for LED products and services. Begin your phase out early will save you additional costs when demand increases.

Natural Accents Outdoor Lighting technician working on a lighting repair while bundled up from the cold

Be prepared for the halogen lighting phase-out when you contact the retrofitting experts at Natural Accents Lighting! Our woman-veteran owned team is a text or call away at 816-407-1300 or you can book your retrofit appointment here. Winter is a great time to get a jump on your halogen lighting retrofit.

Natural Accents Lighting is the most awarded outdoor lighting company in the Kansas City area for a reason. Lighting is all we do and we do it with a passion. For us, light is art!

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