Path lights aren’t just for safety anymore…

In a world full of bland, boring path lights (or even worse, solar lights that only last a season or two) why not consider a path light that doubles as an art piece during the day… a piece that is as unique as you are? Contact us for unlimited custom path lighting options and make a statement in your space and stand out in your neighborhood!

But why path lighting in the first place, and what to consider when selecting the right ones?

Path lighting refers to the illumination of walkways, driveways, and garden paths. By strategically placing lighting fixtures along these paths, you can enhance safety and guide people through your outdoor space. These lights are designed to provide a downward glow, illuminating nearby paths while creating a welcoming and warm ambiance in your yard. Whether you choose solar or low-voltage options, path lights serve both practical and aesthetic purposes, allowing you to walk safely at night while adding beauty to your landscape!

Path lighting allows you to walk at night safely in conditions of low or no natural light. Rather than flooding the whole space with a blanket of light, you can provide localized pools of low light on the ground, right where you need it. Aside from being more visually interesting, it ultimately saves energy to boot!

Solar vs. low-voltage: Solar lighting fixtures are a snap to deploy — just poke them into the ground in a suitable sunny location and wait for the sun to go down. Low-voltage lighting is more reliable, and installation involves running underground wires and plugging a transformer into an available GFCI outlet. Operating a three-watt low voltage light for 10 hours every night consumes about 10 kilowatt-hours (kWh) annually, or about $5 per year or less depending on where you live. That compares favorably with the cost of replacing a fixture’s solar battery, which you might have to do every two to three years.

  • Focused vs. ambient: Path lighting should generally be close to the ground (no more than two feet high). You can choose fixtures that focus light solely on the path or the area around the path as well. Ambient lighting looks best with features along the path you want to highlight, like plants or rocks.

  • Cost: Budget solar lighting can be cheap, but cheap fixtures are usually unreliable. A quality solar or low-voltage setup for an average-size path will cost between $200 and $700.

With so many styles to choose from, the good news is you can’t go wrong! The underlying theme is to protect your family and friends from slips and falls, while making your space glow with a beautiful ambience. Which path light style is right for you?

Fully custom?

Sleek and modern?

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