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10 Reasons to Hire a Professional Holiday Landscape Lighting Designer and Installer

Get Your Holiday Outdoor Lighting Checked Off Your To-Do List

Midwest winters can be windy, frigid, icy, and wet. Kansas City home and business owners deserve to enjoy the beauty and seasonal cheer of holiday landscape lighting but don’t need to fight ladders, tangled lights, or the elements ever again. Instead, call the premier outdoor lighting design, installation, and maintenance company servicing the Kansas and Missouri sides of the greater Kansas City metropolitan. Natural Accents Outdoor Lighting Design now offers temporary and permanent holiday outdoor lighting options. Not sure you should give us a call to schedule your holiday outdoor lighting design, then read on for 10 reasons why you should make your holiday to-do list shorter by using a professional

lighting crew.

Residential Outdoor Lighting of a Candy Cane-Wrapped Tree

1. Commercial-Grade Holiday Lighting Material

The first benefit of using a professional installer for your holiday landscape lighting is that your home or business will be wrapped or decorated in commercial-grade seasonal lighting material. These are products the average homeowner will not have access to when purchasing outdoor décor. Commercial-grade lighting offers a greater variety of lighting strand colors and bulb shapes and sizes, twinkle options, protection from the elements providing a longer life-cycle, and with certain options can be controlled by an app on

your phone, then you can find at a big box store or order online!

2. Leave the Ladder Work to the Professionals

Many things around your home you could DIY, but do you have the time, energy, or desire to do the work yourself? Hanging holiday lighting may seem a “simple” task to do, but getting the end result you want may take more time, tools, supplies, and skill than you want to invest in. Instead, let the expert lighting installers at Natural Accents take this off your plate. Our techs travel with fully stocked vehicles so we are prepared for every job.

3. Outdoor Holiday Lighting Safety

There are many dangers involved in hanging holiday lighting. Of course, there is the obvious risk with heights and ladder work, but there are also the dangers with electricity particularly when water or moisture is in the mix. Natural Accents knows the proper way to hang and string twinkle lights so that the risk of a short or fire is minimized.

4. Holiday Lighting Storage

After the holiday season is over, where will you store your outdoor lights? A professional lighting company, like Natural Accents Outdoor Lighting Design, will cover off-season storage for your lights. Feel free to wrap your trees and decorate your whole home or business and not worry about limiting your desired design because of limited off-season storage space.

Natural Accents Outdoor Lighting Design Tech on Articulating Hydraulic Boom Decorating 45-Foot Pine Tree with Commercial-Grade Holiday Lights

5. The Right Tools for Your Outdoor Seasonal Lighting

Some holiday lighting designs require the use of specialized equipment, like an articulating hydraulic boom, to safely install and take down your lighting display. Our techs are trained and fully insured for this type of specialized work.

6. Support Local Veteran Female Family-Owned Business

Natural Accents Outdoor Lighting Design is owned and operated by Laura Hingey and her family. Laura proudly served in the National Guard as a pilot. Her husband is still in active service. Her family resides in the Kansas City metropolitan area.

Laura and Her Husband

7. Don’t Stress Over Maintenance

There are enough things you could stress over during the holiday season. Professional lighting experts remove the stress from a burnt-out strand or a problematic bulb so you can focus on enjoying the holidays, booking your holiday flight, or stressing over what to get your Great-Aunt Bernice.

8. Professional Installation of Your Seasonal Lighting

Natural Accents outdoor lighting techs are experienced in working with electricity and Kansas and Missouri weather to make sure your business and home will have beautiful holiday lighting all season long. Professional installers know the right amount of strands to string together safely. Natural Accents techs use commercial-grade brass connectors that are then heat shrink-wrapped to make them watertight and impervious to the elements. This is the safest way to splice wires. Since ice and snow are part of Midwest winters and the holiday season, our professional installation will look great and withstand the hazzards of the season.

Home with Seasonal and Permanent Outdoor Lighting Covered in Snow

9. Seasonal Lighting

The end of the holiday season can be so much colder and wetter than the beginning. These wintery conditions can make the taking down of your seasonal lights depressing and dangerous. A professional lighting company has the training and tools to safely and quickly remove your temporary lighting when it is time.

10. Holiday Lighting the Whole Neighborhood Will Admire

The last reason to invest in a professional lighting company this holiday season is to have a home or business that even the biggest Scrooge will envy. The design team at Natural Accents Outdoor Lighting is able to create scenes that look like they have jumped off the pages of Home and Garden magazine! From rooftop lighting to custom candy-cane tree trunk/ branch wrapping, we can complete jobs big to small to create your unique winter wonderland all will admire!

Permanent Holiday Lighting

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The many benefits of having a professional outdoor lighting company install, maintain, takedown, and store your holiday lights are numerous. So if you haven’t already, schedule your free seasonal or permanent holiday lighting estimate today!

Enjoy the holiday season more, as Kansas City’s most awarded Outdoor Lighting Design company takes care of your home and business landscape lighting this year and in the years to come. Our techs are booking up quickly for the 2022 Holiday Season.

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