Businesses, Increased Revenue, & Permanent Roofline Lighting.

Outdoor lighting can definitely have an impact on revenue, and here are some key points to consider!

  1. Enhanced Visibility and Aesthetics:

  • Well-designed outdoor lighting can make your business or property more visible during evening hours. This increased visibility can attract more customers and potentially lead to higher foot traffic.

  • Aesthetically pleasing lighting can create a positive impression, making your establishment more inviting. Customers are more likely to visit and spend time in well-lit areas.

  • Often, it is SUBCONSCIOUS VISUAL IMPRESSIONS (especially the ones we see CONSISTENTLY) that “stick” in our brains. We make over 90% of our consumer decisions based on these subconscious impressions! (Harvard Study on consumer spending habits)

  1. Safety and Security:

  • Properly illuminated outdoor spaces enhance safety for customers and employees. Well-lit parking lots, pathways, and entrances reduce the risk of accidents and criminal activity.

  • A safer environment encourages people to visit your business, especially after dark.

  1. Extended Operating Hours:

  • Effective outdoor lighting allows you to extend your operating hours. If your business looks inviting and secure at night, customers may choose to visit later in the evening.

  • Restaurants, cafes, and retail stores can benefit from extended hours, leading to increased revenue.

  1. Atmosphere and Ambiance:

  • Outdoor lighting contributes to the overall ambiance of your establishment. Warm, welcoming lighting can create a pleasant atmosphere that encourages customers to stay longer.

  • Restaurants, bars, and entertainment venues often use outdoor lighting to enhance the dining or social experience.

  1. Event Hosting and Special Occasions:

  • Well-lit outdoor spaces are ideal for hosting events, parties, or seasonal gatherings. Whether it’s a wedding reception, corporate event, or live music performance, or downtown city walk, proper lighting sets the mood.

  • Event revenue can significantly contribute to overall business income.

  1. Outdoor Dining and Seating Areas:

  • Restaurants, cafes, and bars with outdoor seating can benefit from strategically placed lighting. Customers enjoy dining al fresco, especially when the ambiance is cozy and well-lit.

  • Outdoor seating areas can become a unique selling point, attracting more patrons.

  1. Brand Image and Marketing:

  • Outdoor lighting is part of your brand image. It communicates professionalism, attention to detail, and care for customer experience.

  • Highlighting your storefront, signage, or architectural features with lighting can make your business memorable.

Remember that the impact of outdoor lighting on revenue depends on various factors, including the type of business, location, and the quality of lighting. So, investing in thoughtful outdoor lighting can be a smart business decision, positively influencing both revenue and customer satisfaction!

So, what is your business waiting for? Join the ROOFLINE REVOLUTION and start increasing your revenue today!